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At Muso & Spaw, we specialize in taking care of your pet's overall well-being and health. Our all-in-one consultation service covers behaviour, nutrition, as well as stress and environment management to help your pet live their best life. This complete service is ideal for those who want to ensure their pet is receiving the best possible care or may have tried other services without success.



We understand that basic training and desensitization are essential to ensure your furry friend has the best lifetime experience. Without proper training, dogs can develop everyday problems, stress, fears, and many other issues. Our team assesses your dog's needs and helps you work on rehabilitating any behaviors that are causing problems. Our customized plans include exercise and enrichment to make sure that your furry friend is happy, healthy, and well-behaved.



We know how important your dog's health is to you. That's why our nutrition is part of this service. Many dogs have digestive or skin issues caused by allergies or food intolerances. Our elimination diet approach will help identify any food stressors so we can avoid them altogether and give your dog a tailored diet. Digestive issues may have a direct impact on your dog's stress and behaviour. Our team also offers testing for your dog to speed up the elimination process. 


Stress management 

We understand that stress can have a massive impact on your pet’s health and behavior. Our specialized dog services aim at identifying stressors and working to eliminate or manage them to improve your pet’s overall health and behavior. By working with us, you can prevent the onset of chronic diseases and improve your pet’s lifespan significantly. Let us help you give your pet a happy and healthy life.


Environment management

We believe that the health of our pets is closely related to the environment they live in. That’s why we offer this section in our specialized service to help manage and eliminate toxins in your home or outdoor environment. From toxic home cleaning products to outdoor pollution, we’ve got you covered. With our natural alternatives, we can help improve the health of both you and your furry companion.

Dog Walker at the Park
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