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Give your furry friend the best care possible with Muso & Spaw's grooming services. Our holistic approach and force-free methods ensure a positive experience for your dog. We specialize in helping dogs who may be fearful or difficult during grooming, and our behavioral grooming can provide a long-lasting solution. Experience the difference in our attentive and respectful one dog at a time philosophy.


Behavioural Grooming TCAP

At Muso&Spaw, we believe that every dog deserves to feel comfortable and happy during grooming. Our Behavioural Grooming service is perfect for dogs that are fearful or very stressed and need desensitization. Our Puppy Program is mandatory for puppies that are new to grooming to ensure that they get comfortable with grooming tools and steps. We make sure the dogs feels safe and in trust with our team and the different grooming steps. 


Holistic Grooming 

Our Holistic Grooming service provides a safe and stress-free grooming experience for your furry friend. We respect your pup's limits and boundaries and use gentle methods to ensure your dog feels safe and calm during the grooming process. For dogs that experience high levels of anxiety or fear during grooming, we then refer to our behavioural grooming services which allows us to develop a personalized desensitization program to help your pup overcome their fears.



Our Pawdicure service is the perfect solution for dog owners who don't have the expertise for proper nail care. We offer stress free and safe nail clipping for your furry friend, and also provide desensitization sessions for dogs who experience difficulties during the process. Trust us to take care of your dog's pawdicure needs!


Spa add-ons & special care services

Treat your dog to a day at the spa with our Spa Add-Ons and Special Care services. We offer a range of treatments and masks to help with shedding, hair regrowth, dry skin and more. Our team also provides special care for dogs with allergies or sensitive skin. And don't forget about the add-ons for ! Your furry friend is in good hands with us.

Pet Grooming Tools
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