About us

Our team at Muso et Spaw de Laval understands the importance of respecting the natural functioning of your dog's digestive system and that is why we offer you natural food biologically adapted to him. Dogs can spend their lives eating anything but meat, but with each generation there will be a deterioration in their health. More and more dogs are developing food allergies or intolerances. The owner of the store has received complete training in nutrition and is there to offer you nutrition advice for your pet in order to offer him the best choice.

We offer everything for your dog and we have a section for your cat too. We offer quality food, treats, chewing bones and hygienic products and accessories. We offer Quebec and Canadian products above all. We encourage local as much as possible.

We also think about our planet and all the packaging we use is eco-friendly, reused or recycled. We also have eco-friendly products as well! 

If you have special requests for local products that you would like us to have, please email us!