Force free grooming

What exactly is TCAP behavioral grooming?

This service is very different from traditional grooming. Behavioral grooming isn't just about giving the dog treats during the appointment. The behavioral groomer listens to the dog's language. We listen to their signs of fear or stress and we respect their limits. So we work from that and motivate the dog to make the experience positive, force free and stress free.

The grooming experience without learning TCAP is considered to be threatening to a dog's well-being. Stress experienced triggers distress or a sense of urgency. If these signs are not heeded, there will be a devastating effect on your pet's health. This high stress alters the body and the brain, which can take several months to recover.

For us, the well-being of the dog comes before beauty, because health can be affected in the long term. Some health or behavioral problems will even be impossible to fix. " Prevention is better than cure. "

By respecting the animal's limits and avoiding going beyond its tolerance threshold, the TCAP groomer can reduce the dog's stress level. We aim to develop a relationship of trust with each dog. This reinforces the desired behaviours necessary for grooming and we teach alternative behaviours to unwanted behaviours.

“TCAP is a safe investment in the health and well-being of your dog. "

“Invest early in your dog's life in well-being and the multiple dividends will last throughout their life. "

Melanie Ferreira is a TCAP certified groomer with many other various certifications complimenting her skill set. The hourly rate is $100 plus taxes. This is the price for all grooming services: behavioural assessment, initiation for puppies, desensitization to various grooming services (for example, nails, bath, trimming), as well as the full grooming service.