Elf box

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  • Our elves, the ambassadors, have carefully prepared two Christmas surprise boxes for you. Boxes with a variety of products in the Christmas theme.

    Pre-order from November 15 to 30 and packages will be sent from December 1

    Would you like to try and guess what's inside?

    Box # 1 Scarlette, Popaye, Angèle and Mika:

    We find

    - a creamy mixture to squeeze

    - a very popular toy by Santa Paw

    - atoca treats

    - a neck without stuffing

    - a Rudolph soup

    - a snack prepared by the elves of the health workshop


    box # 2 Peca, Luma, Chase

    - A green puree

    - A friend of the tundra

    - a crunchy duo

    - a magic powder with multiple benefits

    - The Santa paw's favorite snack


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