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Seal Oil

Seal Oil

PriceFrom C$21.99

Pur Évolution presents its seal oil with analysis for human consumption standards.


Dignifiedly Canadian, our refined oil is the perfect combination of the benefits of three sources of Omega-3, combined with exceptional quality. Are you looking for an oil with a complete fatty acid profile, lowest oxidation risk on the market, without strong odor and prepared for you with rigorous quality control? Do not hesitate!


This formula is suitable for cats and dogs of all life stages. You can now provide all the scientifically proven benefits and increase the health of your favorite companion. We follow daily recommendations according to AAFCO, and scientific research.



  • ADH/DHA 8.14% 8.14 g/100g 73 mg/ml or 366 mg/5ml
  • AEP/EPA 6.28% 6.28 g/100g 54 mg/ml or 283 mg/5ml
  • ADP/DPA 4.22% 4.22 g/100g 36 mg/ml or 190 mg/5ml


Ingredients: Sea bass oil, tocopherols (vit E)

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