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Liberté 15ml

Liberté 15ml


Natural essences composed of quality organic products for the harmonization of emotions.

Liberté: Supports calm behavior



Bach Essence is a synergy that results from the marriage of Bach Flowers with spring water. Water potentiates the effect of Bach flowers by increasing their absorption by cells.

The action on the body assists the dissolution of crystallized emotions at the origin of behavioral disorders.


Liberté: Supports calm behavior


Liberté is specially formulated for animals who suffer from anxiety or diffuse fear of the unknown.


Anxiety is the greatest emotional disorder for pets and the source of great discomfort for the humans who welcome them. It is also the source of several inappropriate behaviors such as: claw marking or urine marking.


Liberté helps animals rediscover their environment, regain confidence and curiosity in the face of the unknown and new situations.



Active Ingredients: Star of Bethlehem, Common Sunflower, Aspen

Excipients: Apple cider vinegar, Spring water

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