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Joie 15ml

Joie 15ml


Natural essences composed of quality organic products for the harmonization of emotions.

-Joy relieves the sadness of being separated.


Bach Essence is a synergy that results from the marriage of Bach Flowers with spring water. Water potentiates the effect of Bach flowers by increasing their absorption by cells.

The action on the body assists the dissolution of crystallized emotions at the origin of behavioral disorders.


Joy relieves the sadness of being separated.Animals can feel distress in moments of separation or disappearance of a companion. They may feel vulnerable and suffer from depression, sadness and fear of abandonment during these times.Joy is an assistance so that they reconnect with the inner spark, letting themselves be lulled by the joy of being themselves without fear of loneliness.



Actives: Common Chestnut, Gentian, Willow

Non-medicinal: Organic apple cider vinegar, Spring water

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