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Acceuil 15ml

Acceuil 15ml


Natural essences composed of quality organic products for the harmonization of emotions.

Acceuil : Softens reactivity, intolerance and frustrations.


Bach Essence is a synergy that results from the marriage of Bach Flowers with spring water. Water potentiates the effect of Bach flowers by increasing their absorption by cells.

The action on the body assists the dissolution of crystallized emotions at the origin of behavioral disorders.


Acceuil : Softens reactivity, intolerance and frustrations. Living in your open spaceEverything seems difficult for the animal which protects its territory and its resources or which regularly reacts with frustration or anger. Visits or walks are interspersed with episodes of concern for him and the humans who co-live with him. Even mealtime can be a source of stress for the animal and the entire family.Home helps these animals to increasingly inhabit their open space.



Active ingredients: Holly, Cherry plum, Vine

Non-medicinal: Apple cider vinegar, Spring water

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