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Sérénité 15ml

Sérénité 15ml


Natural essences composed of quality organic products for the harmonization of emotions.

Sérénité : The essence of choice for intense/hyperactive animals


Bach Essence is a synergy that results from the marriage of Bach Flowers with spring water. Water potentiates the effect of Bach flowers by increasing their absorption by cells.

The action on the body assists the dissolution of crystallized emotions at the origin of behavioral disorders.


Sérénité : The essence of choice for intense animals, hyperactive animals who move from one activity to another without a break or amorphous animals who do not participate in activities due to lack of will. Discomfort is present in these extreme cases.


By administering Serenity, joy in activities, moments of renewal and calm will be more and more present.



Active ingredients: Clematis, Impatiens, White Chestnut, Verbena

Non-medicinal: Organic apple cider vinegar, Spring water.

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