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The grooming experience of dogs should not be traumatic, especially if it is an unavoidable step that takes place several times a year. Grooming should be seen as a routine visit to the hairdresser! Do not hesitate to bring your puppy in order for it to be handled by professionals. From the first moment, your puppy can get used to the place, the groomer, the sounds of razors and dryers while applying positive reinforcement.

For pleasant moments and excellent grooming, contact us!

We offer this service in our kindergarten class or initiation to grooming.

In case your dog has had a bad experience of grooming or claw cutting, we offer desensitization classes at a low price so that future grooming is better.

Our advantages:

  • Full professional service, 1 dog at a time
  • Specialization in canine behavior (we adapt to dogs that are more stressed / fearful / anxious, etc.)
  • A gentle and patient approach in a calm and air-conditioned environment for the summer.
  • Use of quality organic products.

Our privileges:

  • Loyalty Card: At the 5th grooming, get $ 5 off.
  • Pre-paid claw cut card at a better price! Your dog will thank you!
  • Regular customers: Refresh the free cup between grooming at the expense of a claw cut.
  • Reference card: friend(s) $ 10 discount, customers who referred $ 5 discount, non-combinable with any other offer.


Our prices:

  • Initiation to grooming for puppies
  • Full bath (moulting reduction now included in our prices): starting at $ 45 *
  • Complete shearing: from $ 45 * (add $ 10 for a chisel cut)
  • Claw cut: $ 10 image: $ 2 surplus
  • Prepaid card claw cut
      • 5 dog visits: $ 40
      • 10 dog visits: $ 75
  • Brushing teeth, cleaning ears or emptying anal glands: $ 10
  • Moisturizing pads treatment: $ 2
  • Refreshment of the cup: $ 10-20
  • Available treatment: Slough treatment, dry skin care, skin problem, help with regrowth of hair, dandruff, allergies, dry and damaged hair, etc.

Contact us for more details

Please notify us of ALL allergies to optimize your dog’s experience and avoid unwanted effects when returning home.

* Full bath or mowing included ear cleaning and claw cutting.

* Draining of the anal glands or waxing of the inner hairs of the ear are not included because it is not an obligation. This can be done with a veterinarian’s opinion. If done regularly on a dog without the need, he or she will run into long-term problems.

* The price varies depending on the size of the dog, the condition of the hair, its behavior, etc. An on-site evaluation would be ideal in order to have a better idea of ​​the grooming costs on your dog.

* Extra charge ($ per hour) for detangling and / or for a difficult dog

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