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Adoption support service

This service is offered to help you find the perfect companion for you and / or your family. Whether at a breeder’s or a shelter, a behavioural specialist can point you in the right direction to pick your new dog. Our service includes a study of your preferences regarding dogs: breed, size, hair, maintenance, energy, etc. We then take into account your routine, your needs, your level of activity or free time. The coach will inform you and educate you on the best choices for you to allow a good relationship between you and your future dog.

In addition, we do a thorough research of breeders and dogs in shelters and we continue by guiding you to an accompanied visit within the shelters for an observation and help you make the right choice based on your “favourite”, but also taking into account your lifestyle. But our help does not stop there, we also offer integration courses for the adult dog or kindergarten lessons for the puppy once the adoption concludes, to ensure a good transition and continue your learning process with the same professional who has followed you since the beginning of this service.

  1. A study will be conducted according to your preferences in dogs: breed, size, maintenance, energy, etc. Depending on your routine, your needs, your activity level or time off, the coach will help you choose the best choice to get a relationship between human and dog a success.
  2. An in-depth research will be conducted with breeders and in shelters. Subsequently, a guided tour will be made to observe the dogs and choose the right according to your lifestyle.
  3. Following the adoption, an integration course for adult dogs and / or a puppy class will be included in order to continue your learning as easy as possible with the same professional who has followed you since the beginning of the service .

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