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Learning behaviour to our dog is essential. With appropriate positive education, the dog learns to know what to do and what not do. Without education or structure, behavioral problems can appear. Our behavior services are available to help you educate your puppy, integrate an adult dog to your family, correct behavioral problems and even give you the tools to get the best relationship you can have with your companion.


Positive reinforcement is our educational method. I recommend dog owners who want their pet to progress and get a strong bond with them.
It allows to develop a complicity between owner and dog. The dog can understand what we want from him without any harsh punishment.
Regardless of age, it is important to continue to learn manners to their dog. Many believe that a dog as an adult can’t learn anymore: like a human, the animal can acquire new behaviours throughout all his life.

Positive reinforcement is a training method to learn new tricks to your dog or change bad behavior (like barking to strangers). It takes repetition of order, discipline and perseverance to learn or correct behavior. Thereafter, the appropriate response is rewarded with a “motivator”.

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