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Learning behaviour to our dog is essential. With appropriate positive education, the dog learns to know what to do and what not do. Without education or structure, behavioral problems can appear. Our behavior services are available to help you educate your puppy, integrate an adult dog to your family, correct behavioral problems and even give…

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Do not neglect your dog’s and cat’s nutrition ! Good nutrition is necessary for a healthy animal. It is not by the best brand of food, but how your dog or cat will digest the chosen food. With a certification in animal nutrition, we are trained to help you choose the best for your animal….

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The grooming experience of dogs should not be traumatic, especially if it is an unavoidable step that takes place several times a year. Grooming should be seen as a routine visit to the hairdresser! Do not hesitate to bring your puppy in order for it to be handled by professionals. From the first moment, your…

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