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About us and our relationship with dogs,

My story, My motivation:

Since I was a child, I’ve always had a huge passion for dogs. I’ve spent a lot of time observing dogs and over the years, I was able to identify many factors such as personality types, different health problems, behavioural disorders or diseases they may be suffering from. Also, my studies allowed me to better understand their needs. Indeed, I graduated as an animal health technician in 2013 and I specialized in canine behaviour, which quickly became a great passion. I also hold a diploma from the School of Canine Intervenants of Quebec with Alain Bonneau since 2012. However, I have not stopped to deepen my knowledge on grooming and food by pursuing several training.

I’ve spent many years building my experience working in a veterinary clinic, inn and pet stores which gave me a complete, useful and effective background. This allows me to offer the best care for your dog and also educate you for your effective participation. My goal is to place the well-being of dogs and the happiness of their masters first. This is also why we offer high quality products for happy customers.

Welcome to Musospaw

Canine Education Based on POSITIVE Strengthening, Gentle Method.



Dogs are said to be man’s best friends but dogs require good education, continual enrichment, good hygiene etc. For this, our mission is to offer you several services in one place and in a professional setting. The well-being of your pet being our priority, we continue to follow several courses to guide you in the best direction with your dog.

Thanks to my expertise, I am able to conduct behavioural consultation at the centre or at your home in the Laval and Montreal area, depending on the client’s needs

I continue to pursue my studies in canine psychology, canine nutrition and canine grooming to better serve you.

Melanie Ferreira, Owner of Musospaw:

Graduate as an Outfitter in Canine Behavior, Animal Health Technician and Groomer.

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